Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Feasibility of Lagundi (Vitex negundo linn) Leaves Extract as an Alternative Pesticide for Cockroaches


Nowadays, many people die because of death causing germs that are present in our environment. These said germs are found in insects that live on dirty places in our surroundings, commonly cockroaches. These insects are not only disgusting in appearance; it is also carriers of germs that can possibly kill us humans. Cockroaches are found on houses specifically on garbage. To help save the lives of many people that die because of these germs that are commonly found on cockroaches, we should eliminate these kinds of insects in a cheaper way which is affordable, effective and safe and is also abundant.

This study aims to investigate whether the extract of Lagundi (Vitex negudo linn) leaves would be a good alternative pesticide to kill insects that are carriers of germs that would harm us humans, specifically cockroaches.

Lagundi is a shrub commonly found in the Philippines, which is abundant in our country. This kind of shrub is so affordable found in markets. Therefore, the researcher is trying to find out whether the extract of the Lagundi leaves would effectively kill cockroaches and can help eliminate these harmful insects. Today, commercial pesticides are quite expensive and the ones who are really affected by this problem are the poor families that are having a hard time budgeting their money for more important necessities. The researcher is finding a way in eliminating these insects in an affordable way that everyone can afford and can also have the same affectivity as of the commercial ones and which is also safe to use.


Background of the study

Many insects are observed around us day to day because of our dirty surroundings, specifically cockroaches. Throwing of garbage anywhere and no proper sanitation are some ways of developing these insects, which is harmful to human body. Cockroaches are carriers of diseases that cause illness to humans. The researcher is making this project for information to everyone that pesticide, which is made from Lagundi leaves extract is also an alternative pesticide to kill harmful insects. Lagundi leaves extract may be a pesticide, which is safe, affordable, and environment friendly.

Statement of the problem

Specifically, it would answer the following questions:

a) Is the pesticide, which is made from Lagundi leaves extract, being an alternative for killing mosquitoes?

b) Is the extract of the Lagundi leaves effective enough to kill cockroaches?


a) Lagundi leaves extract may be an alternative insecticide for killing cockroaches.

b) Lagundi leaves extract may be effective to kill cockroaches. It is environment friendly, abundant and safe.

Significance of the study

The importance of this study is that Lagundi leaves extract may be a pesticide that is safe, affordable and environment friendly. Lagundi leaves extract has no hazardous effect to humans because there is no strong chemical added to the ingredients; purely Lagundi leaves extract. The extract is purely made from Lagundi leaves.

Scope and limitation

This study limits on the study of the feasibility of the extract of Lagundi leaves as an alternative pesticide for killing cockroaches that can cause illness to human body.

Definition of terms

Alternative for pesticides- also used for killing pests, which can have the same or better quantities of commercial insecticides yet, it is cheaper in value and preparation. Thus, it is less expense.

Ethanol- a kind o alcohol found in Lagundi leaves.
Lagundi- an herbal shrub, commonly found in the Philippines

Pesticide- used for killing pests

Vitex negundo linn- the scientific name for Lagundi

The effects of Vitex negundo linn (Lagundi) leaves extract against cockroaches was found to be a promising botanical insecticide, that can be a good substitute for expensive commercial pesticides, that is used in controlling mosquitoes.
(Source: primer on growing medical plants, by Dr. Ernesta G. Quintana on 1999)

This study was conducted to determine the effects of Lagundi leaves against cockroaches specially it is geared in determining two types of leaf extracts; water extract and ethanol extract. These extracts exhibited mortality against cockroaches. It is significantly affected by time an concentration. The interaction between the two types of extract and concentration may show a significant effect.


A. Equipments and materials
250 grams of Lagundi leaves extract
1 clean container or bottle
Mortar and pestle
Bottle spray
Fine cloth

B. General procedure

The researcher removed the leaves from the stem. Then, she placed the leaves in the mortar and pestle and pounded until the extract came out. After she placed the pounded leaves in the mortar and pestle, she placed it on a sieve to separate the extract from the pounded leaves. The pounded leaves were placed on a fine cloth to get the excess pure extract. Then, the researcher squeezed the cloth. The juice was placed in the clean container or bottle. Then, she sprayed the Lagundi extract to the cockroaches. The researcher observed the effect of the Lagundi leaves extract to the cockroaches.


In this chapter, we will find the results of the experiments and discuss the data gathered about the study conducted, “ the feasibility of Lagundi (Vitex negundo linn) leaves extract as an alternative pesticide for cockroaches.

In the first week of experimentation, the treatments used were the Lagundi extract, the commercial pesticide and using no pesticide at all. Each treatment has three replicates and the number of cockroaches each replicate is five cockroaches as well as the rest of the replicates. The number of sprays to the following treatments is equal to four sprays only. In treatment A, a few number of cockroaches died. In treatment b, which is use of commercial insecticide, many cockroaches died and none at treatment c.

In the second week of experimentation, the same treatments were used and three replicates are also investigated each treatment. The number of sprays of each of the three replicates is also equal to four sprays only. In applying the Lagundi extract to the cockroaches, fewer insects died. In treatment b, which is the commercial insecticide, many cockroaches died and none on treatment c.


Many people die because of germs that harm our system. This is found in insects, specifically cockroaches. The researcher is aiming to find out a way to eliminate these kind of harmful insects, that are abundant, affordable, effective and safe, which are commonly, found on households especially garbage cans. She would like to know whether Lagundi leaves extract would be an effective ingredient to kill these insects.

Based on the experimentations conducted by the researcher, it shows that Lagundi leaves extract can’t be developed as an alternative pesticide. The shrub’s extract is not effective based on the experiment conducted. It cannot have the same affectivity as of the commercial pesticide. Further investigations should be done in this study.


Primer on growing medical plants, by: Dr. Ernesta G. Quintana on 1999



The researcher wishes to extend her gratitude to the following persons for their assistance needed in the completion of this study:

Ms. Balve Granido, the project adviser, for her concern, guidance, ideas, and support, for without her assistance and perseverance this research project would have not been realized.

Mr. Ferdinand C. Flores, my supportive father, for the availability of the computer and Internet in making my write-ups.

The parents of the researcher for their inspiration, as well as financial and moral support.

My classmates and friends, for their love, advise, and support.

Above all, to our almighty God who gives knowledge, wisdom and strength to overcome the trials during the conduct of the study.


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